Kevin Dairaghi
Trusted Real Estate Investment Coach

Get the confidence
to get going! 

Self-worth is crucial for both professional success

and a balanced life.

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20+ Years of Success

From running flips to turning lives around, Kevin has guided hundreds of real estate deals.

And, more importantly, hundreds of souls into the life they want.

Expert Advisor

An engineer by trade, years of construction experience, and a licensed agent

...means Kevin knows how to protect you from bad deals.

Trusted Mentor

At the end of the day, Kevin's students rely on him to help them finally achieve their goals.

Success without compromising your values or ideals.

Personalized Coaching

Kevin's Coaching and his Master Investor Tribe will help you:
‚ě• Stop The Self-Sabatoge

‚ě• Build the Support Network
‚앬†Use Proven Strategies That Work

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I want to help you win. Here's how.

Don't Go It Alone. 


Your Personal Roadmap.

 The Life You Want.


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Sometimes you need someone to hold you accountable. Other times you need someone who has walked this way before to show you what must be done.

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Whether it's a type of deal you haven't done before or breaking down your life on the whiteboard, sometimes you just need a sounding board and pointed advice.

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Master Investors Tribe

You are who you do life with. If you want to make a change in your life, you must be surrounded by people who are willing and able to support that. 

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Meet Kevin


I started flipping houses because I wanted to restore neighborhoods. What I realized, is that I was actually rehabbing was myself.
- Kevin


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Grow as you Learn

Flexible coaching formats to fit your life.

"Pieces of Real Estate"

Not sure how you fit in? There is a room for everyone to succeed in Real Estate!

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The Money Talk

Don't let this big scary topic
hold you back from investing in real estate.

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Building a Referral Based Business 

Why Relationships Matter. Don't waste money you don't have on marketing. 

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There's lots of ways to learn!

Check out our live events, stand-alone seminars and the Kevin Dairaghi Show podcast!


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