Introducing Kevin Dairaghi.


Kevin has a unique perspective on Real Estate Investing. Starting his career as an engineer, he quickly learned he wanted more than a typical 9-5 job. he then changed paths and dove into the world of construction. His first project in 2005 was rehabbing a home for an investor. He saw the freedom investing in real estate provided. Since then Kevin has worked many different levels of construction and has greatly increased his rehab and rental portfolio. 

Kevin also has a passion for people and a strong conviction that the personal drives the professional, self worth is crucial for both professional success and a balanced life.

Kevin lives in St. Louis, MO with his family.


I started flipping houses because I wanted to restore neighborhoods. What I realized, is that what I was actually rehabbing was myself.

- Kevin

But you don't have to take Kevin's word for it. 

Mike M.

"I have been consistently... guided by Kevin's industry and example.

Alex M

"Kevin got me from zero to hero on and off the pickleball court. 

Chris S.

"Kevin is a great role model, he even beats me at Power Grid!"

Laurie H.

"Within our group, I have seen magnificent growth thanks to Kevin's Coaching"

David O.

"Within 60 days he helped me do a wholesale deal that more than covered the coaching fees to get started."

Mary K.

"I love our tribe" 

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